Welcome to the Gibson family website.

This is the website of John, Lis, John and Henry Gibson of Sussex in England. It used to serve the purpose of keeping our friends up to date — or, more accurately, two years out of date — on all our doings, but now that we are on Facebook, this seems to have been superseded.

Our Facebook pages can be found at:

After that, it was used as the point of access for the online family tree. Unfortunately, with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation on 25th May 2018, it seemed wise to retire that, at least until the implications of the Regulation for family history sites become clearer. It is perfectly possible that it will remain permanently closed.

It is John's plan, however, should he ever get around to it, to resurrecting the family photograph albums here. The main problem is that the software he has previously used has seemed a little unstable, or has required a MySQL (or similar) database, which in his mind is tantamount to witchcraft - only harder to get working properly. Sometimes it has matched both of these descriptions. And if he fixes that problem, and if the other John makes reasonable progress with cataloguing the family library, then that may also make a return to the web - if only to slightly reduce the probability that John will buy multiple copies of one and the same book quite so often as has been his custom.